One of the perks to living on a beautiful island is that said island tends to attract artists and and creatives.

Joe is one of our featured artists at Forest Path Inn.

Like all of our artists, he’s an islander.  He moved here decades ago, fell in love with the island and then with Paula West, also an artist, at

They raised their two boys, built a home, and a studio for Paula while Joe worked for Ravenhill Construction as their cabinet maker/finish carpenter.  With their sons launched, Joe had the opportunity to explore his own artistic interests.  Some of his fine art explorations started showing up on the walls of Paula’s studio. His work delighted her studio visitors.

“I apply the art of design to all that I create – in my paintings and sculptures, cabinet making, furniture and doors. It’s the same principles, same process”

He now has his own studio on their property, where he works and shows his work. Joe continues to work with clients, architects, and builders to make custom woodwork, now as his own company, Joe Cooper Designs.

The other day, were talking about what he does, how it all has meaning for him, what ties it together.  That’s where the quote came from. For Joe it’s all art. Paintings and sculptures, and also making cabinets, doors, and furniture.  Whether he’s creating a painting from his own vision or working with a client on a custom feature for their home, the process and principles are the same.  Something beautiful and satisfying emerges from his vision and his deep knowledge of his materials.

We hope you, too, are delighted by his work.  The paintings he has with us are all for sale.  You can contact him directly for more information about purchasing his work, custom woodworking, or a studio visit.

You can see his work at

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